Warren County High School

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Post-Secondary Opportunities

Warren County High Schools is excited to provide students with post-secondary opportunities available to them while they are still enrolled in high school. We are proud to have strong partnerships with Motlow and TCAT. 

For more information regarding which particular classes are offered and the eligibility criteria/ enrollment process, please reach out to your school counselor. 

Current offerings include: 



Hist 2010

Eng 1010 

Math 1710

Chem 1110

Econ 2100

Pols 1030

Comm 2025

Mech 1310

Mech 1330

Mech 2320


Hist 2020

Eng 1020

Chem 1120

Pols 1030

Comm 2025 

Mech 1320

Mech 1350

Mech 1340 


Cosmetology *seniors only 



Machine Tool



Dual Enrollment Eligibility:

ACT or ACT Pre-test Scores

Students must earn a minimum composite score of 19 and sub-scores of 19 in relevant subject areas in order to be eligible for dual enrollment courses as follows:

Dual enrollment math course enrollment requires a sub score in Math of 19. 

Dual enrollment science course enrollment requires a sub score in Science of 19.

Dual enrollment English, Spanish, Speech, Econ, and History Course enrollment requires sub scores of 19 in English and Reading.


Students must have a minimum high school cumulative G.PA of 3.0 to enroll in dual enrollment courses with the exception of Mechatronics requires a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

Admissions Paperwork

Students must complete all applications and financial assistance paperwork required by Motlow or TCAT prior to the end of the current school year in order to be eligible for dual enrollment courses in the fall of the next school year.

Students/Parents are responsible for all fees and charges incurred for dual enrollment courses. Motlow will provide a complete explanation of the current fees to parents and students prior to enrollment. Lack of payment will result in credits not posted for high school credit ad may impact a student’s graduation eligibility.

Additional  Motlow Courses:

Students may take additional Motlow courses at night, on line, or in the summer. Students may also pursue the completion of their Associates Degree while still in high school. These courses are not part of the regular high school day and are not reflected on the daily schedule. Enrollment in these courses is done through Motlow and are not processed through WCHS. Students may elect to have these courses added to their high school transcript upon completion of the course. Students must submit their Motlow transcript to their WCHS School counselor in order to have the courses added to their transcript.

Dropping Courses and Incompletes:

Students must work with high school counselors and Motlow staff, in order to drop Motlow courses. Dropping courses may impact future financial aid and/or a student's graduation eligibility.  Students must complete each course and receive a grade.  Incompletes cannot be accepted at WCHS.