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Warren County High School

“Well Educated + Career Driven + High Expectations = Successful Citizens ”

Local Scholarships

All local scholarship applications must be returned to the College Office on or before the deadline for that scholarship. Late applications will not be accepted. 

Scholarship applications will be shared via a Google Drive folder to all senior accounts.  You may also access the folder here. 

Please print scholarship forms from the Google Drive folder and fill out completely.  Pay attention to the deadlines, as we can not accept any late applications.  If the deadline falls on a weekend, you will have until Monday to turn your application in to the College Office.  If you have any questions please stop by room 102 1/2. Thank you and Good Luck!


Alphabetic List of all Current Scholarships:

AAUW Scholarship –  February 10th
    Applicant must be a female graduating Senior

ADK Scholarship – January 10th
    Applicant must plan to major in Education.

American Legion Auxiliary, Vara Gray Scholarship – March 1st
    Applicants for this scholarship shall be children, grandchildren or great grandchildren of veterans who served in the Armed          Forces during eligibility dates for membership in the American Legion (WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Lebanon &            Grenada, Panama, & the Gulf War).

Ben Lomand LongBeard Scholarship – January 13th
    Senior Pursuing a degree in Natural Wildlife Resource Management or any AG field at any 2-4 year college or university. 3.0        GPA minimum.

Billy Stubblefield Scholarship – January 31st
    Student must have taken Algebra 1 or higher in high school and must pursue a college education.

Deanna Grayson Memorial Dance Scholarship – January 17th
    Female senior attending WCHS who has been involved in any dance program
Dr Pepper Bottling Scholarship – March 4th
    Senior planning to pursue a post-secondary education following high school graduation; Need-based.

Durham School Services Scholarship – March 3rd
    Applicant must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, proven extracurricular activities, positive citizenship in the community, & must be     attending college in the Fall.

Evening Exchange Club Scholarship-March 13th
    Applicant must be a graduating Senior.

Glenn Ayers Fishing Memorial Scholarship-April 3rd
    Applicants must be a Senior and a member of the WCHS Pioneer Anglers

Homeland Community Bank Scholarship – January 24th
    Applicant must major in business, finance, banking or marketing.

Huff & Puff Trucking Scholarship – April 6th
    Senior who plans to attend a full-time accredited Auto Diesel College.  This scholarship will be presented based on the                      ambition, character, capabilities and need of the applicant.

Huff & Puff Business Scholarship-April 6th
    Senior must major in business.  This scholarship will be presented based on the ambition, character, capabilities and need of          the applicant.
Jacksboro Community Scholarship – March 1st
    Applicant must be a member of the Jacksboro community for a minimum of three (3) years; must be enrolled in a university,          college, or vocational school; must submit an essay on the topic “What the Jacksboro Community means to me.”

James C. Hailey – January 24th
    Top 10%; high moral character; Need based

Joe Stewart Education Scholarship – January 24th
    Applicant must major in education.

Jr. Auxiliary Scholarship-February 14th
    Applicant must have a 2.5 GPA and plan to attend college in the Fall.

Linda King Memorial Scholarship – March 14th
    Student must have taken Calculus or Pre-Calculus in high school and must pursue a college education in a math related field.

Masonic Lodge Scholarship – February 27th
    Must have overcome obstacles while completing secondary education; Financial Need

McMinnville City Triathlon Scholarship-March 31st
    Award will go to one male and one female of the current WCHS graduating class.  Applicant must possess a GPA of 2.5 or                higher and must be an athlete that is on a swim team, track or cross country team, or somehow involved in running and/or              cycling.  
McMinnville Lions Club-January 31st
    This Scholarship is for a Graduating Senior who is physically challenged with a sight, hearing, or a physical disability.  This                 scholarship will be used to help pay for books at a College or accredited Technical School in Warren County.

Morrison Industries-April 1st
    Must be a high school Senior planning to attend college in the Fall

Morrison Ruritan Scholarship – February 14th
    Graduating senior who graduated 8th grade from Morrison Elementary.

Noon Exchange Club Scholarship-April 10th
    Applicant must be a senior & a member of the Excel Club

Nora Ausbrook Scholarship – March 1st
    Graduating female senior who will attend David Lipscomb University

Phil Hyatt Memorial Scholarship – February 11th
    Applicant must attend a technical or vocational school.

Retired Teachers’ Scholarship – February 20th
    Applicant must plan to enter college in the education field.
RIMCO Inc. Machine Tool Technology Scholarship – March 23rd
    Applicant must be a Senior who is planning on (and must attend) the Tennessee College of Applied Technology for Machine            Tool Technology upon receiving a High School Diploma. Based on Ambition, Character, Capabilities, and GPA. Applicant                  should be active in the community. Applicant must submit a handwritten essay application outlining future plans and goals,             include interests, hobbies, etc…

Shanna Seiderer Memorial Scholarship
    Graduating Senior that is a member of the winter guard or color guard.

Spencer Lively Memorial Scholarship – January 17th
    Minimum ACT of 24, Minimum GPA of  3.25, Musical Interests, Personal Interests, Community Service, and Academic                      Excellence.

TACD Memorial Scholarship – Feb 1st
    Must plan to major in agriculture and pursue a career in the field. 

Viola Community Scholarship – February 28th
    Viola community resident (or with ties to Viola Community/ live within 5-6 miles of Viola); must plan for college or vocational      school.

W.C. A&L Youth Fair Board – February 24th
    Applicant must be a current member of the youth fair board and has served for at least 2 years.

WCEA Scholarship– February 28th
    Applicant must have a parent member of WCEA and have a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

W.C. Family & Community Education Scholarship – February 28th
    Applicant must major in home economics, agriculture, or veterinary medicine

W.C. Farm Bureau, Russell Watson Agricultural Scholarship – February 14th
    Applicant must pursue a career in agriculture

Warren County Farmers Market-March  21st
    Applicant must pursue a career in the agricultural field. This scholarship will be awarded at the Warren County High School          Scholarship Program to a student who has an agriculture background and plans to continue their education in the agriculture      field.

Warren County Youth Soccer Scholarship-March 24th
    Applicant must me a graduating Senior.  They do not have to be playing soccer now, but will be given preference if they were        ever a part of the Youth Soccer league in the past.

Womack Transportation Auto Diesel Scholarship- March 15
    Must be planning to attend Nashville Auto Diesel School

Womack Transportation Welding Scholarship- March 15
    Must be planning to attend TCAT and enter the welding program