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Request for Transcript Instructions

Transcript Request

Due to the confidentiality of student records the following protocol must be followed in order to obtain a copy of a Warren County High School transcript:

A request must be submitted in writing to the Warren County High School Guidance office. Each request must include the following information. 

Student’s full name (including maiden name if applicable)
Student’s signature
Student’s social security number
Student’s last year of enrollment
Name and address of location to where transcript is to be mailed
or if the transcript if to be picked up.
A phone number where you can be reached

Transcript requests can be submitted by mail, or in person to the
following address:

Warren County High School
Attention: Guidance Office /Transcript Request
199 Pioneer Lane
McMinnville, Tennessee 37110

There is a charge of $2.00 per transcript requested. Payment must be
made prior to the issuance of the transcript. Payment must be made
with cash or check. We do not accept credit or debit cards.
Allow 48 Hours for the processing of a transcript. Transcripts cannot
be processed the day that they are requested
Phone requests for transcripts cannot be processed due to
confidentiality restrictions. 

Request for Transcript Form






Request for Transcript

Student Name: ___________________________________ Date of Request: ___________
                              (Include Maiden Name)
Social Security Number: ___________________ Date of Birth: ______________
Year of Last Enrollment or Graduation: ________
□ Send Transcript to the Following: ______________________________________

□ Pick Up Transcript

Student Signature:_____________________ Phone Number: ____________

-----(For office use only)-----
Date Sent ________ Date ready for pick-up ________ Initials of Preparer ________
$2.00 per Transcript
Please allow 48 hours