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WCHS Academics

WCHS Academy Information for School Year 2018-2019.

WCHS Academics Information

Academy FAQs

WCHS Academies

Beginning with the class of 2021 WCHS is implementing an academy based curriculum for all students.
This is an approach which has been very successful in schools across the country. Below is information
relative to the academies and how it will be implemented within our school:

What is an academy?

An academy is a school within a school. It is similar to a team teaching approach. Students choose a
career focus area and are placed into an academy based upon their chosen career/ technical classes.
Academic teachers, career/technical teachers, principals, and school counselors are assigned to a
specific academy. All students within an academy have the same academic and career/technical teachers.

How many academies will be in place at WCHS?

There will be four academies:

  1. Architecture, Culinary, and Creative Arts
  2. Automotive, Construction, and Advanced Manufacturing
  3. Biological Sciences
  4. Business, Law, and Education

What is a pathway?

A pathway is a series of classes taken within a specific academy. All students are required to take three
classes in a specific pathway in order to graduate.

What are the pathways within each academy?

I. Architecture. Culinary, and Creative Arts
a. Architectural Design
b. Culinary Arts
c. Creative Arts

II. Automotive. Construction, and. Advanced Manufacturing
a. Structural Systems (Construction)
b. Automotive Collision Repair
c. Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair
d. Advanced Manufacturing

III. Biological Sciences
a. Horticulture Science
b. Veterinary and Animal Science
c. Nursing Services

IV. Business. Law, and. Education
a. Early Childhood Education Careers
b. Marketing and Management
c. Office Management
d. Criminal Justice

How do students choose an academy and a pathway?

9th graders are all enrolled in a career exploration course. In this course the academies are reviewed
and students are taken on a tour of the career/technical classrooms. 9th graders were asked to
complete a form which ranked their preference for an academy and specific pathway of courses.
Students are placed in academies based upon the preferences that they chose.
Are all students given the opportunity to take Honors, AP, and/or Dual Enrollment courses?
Yes, all students are provided the opportunity to take Honors, AP, and/or Dual Enrollment courses.

What elective are students able to enroll in?

All students may enroll in electives that are considered global electives across the curriculum. These
include all Honors, AP, Dual Enrollment, foreign language, ROTC, numerous social studies classes, and
numerous fine arts courses. A list of current global class offerings can be viewed on the WCHS website.
Career and technical classes are limited to their respective academies.

What if a student changes their mind and wants to change their academy or pathway?

Students are given the opportunity to request a change in either their academy or pathway during
registration each spring. Deadlines and details are provided to students. Students are placed on a
waiting list and changes are made based upon availability.
As educators we are very excited about the possibilities that this format will allow for our students.
Teaching as teams will allow us greater communication across disciplines and help us to gain a better
understanding of each of our students.

Global Course Offerings 10th Grade Students

Available to All 10th Grade Students

English II (10)
English ll-H (10)
Creative Writing (10-12)
Journalism (Annual) (10-12)'

Lifetime Wellness/PE (Sem) (9-12)
Lifetime Wellness/HL (Sem) (9-12)
PE II (Sem) (10-12)
PE III (Sem) (10-12)
JROTC I (9-12)
JROTC II (10-12) ("JROTC I)
Driver Training (Sem) (10-12)
Study Hall

Algebra I (9-12)
Algebra I-H (9-12)
Algebra II (10-12)
Algebra ll-H (9-12)
Geometry (9-10)
Geometry H (9-12)

Physical Science (9-12)
Biology I (10-12)
Biology l-H (10-11)
Chemistry I (10-12)
Chemistry l-H (10-11)
Physics (10-12)
Physics-H (10-11)

World History & Geography (9-12)
Economics (Sem) (10-12)
U S Government (Sem) (10-12)
AP World History (10-12)
Personal Finance (Sem) (10-12)
American Sign Language I (10-12)
American Sign Language II (11-12)
Contemporary Issues (Sem) (10-12)
Psychology (Sem) (10-12)
Sociology (Sem) (10-12)

French I (10-11)
French II (10-12)
Spanish I (9-11)
Spanish II (10-12)
Spanish lll-H (10-12)

AP History of Art (9-12)
General Music (9-12)
Instrumental Music (9-12)
Painting (10-12)*
Select Choir/Ensemble (10-12)*
Theater Arts (9-12)
Visual Art I (9-12)
Visual Art 11(10-12)
Visual Art lll/IV-H (11-12)
Vocal Music (10-12)

Pathways for Academies 2018-2019

Business, Law, and Education
Education & Training 
Program of Study                
Early Childhood Education Careers    
Level 1: Child Care Careers I    
Level 2: Child Care Careers II    
Level 3: Child Care Careers III
Level 4: Child Care Careers IV

Program of Study                
Marketing Management    
Level 1: Introduction To Business & Marketing    
Level 2: Marketing & Management I:  Principles    
Level 3: Marketing & Management II 
Level 4: Retail Operations

Office Management
Program of Study            
Office Management    
Level 1: Computer Applications    
Level 2: Advanced Computer Applications    
Level 3: Business Management or Business Communications

Program of Study            
Criminal Justice        
Level 1: Criminal Justice I
Level 2: Criminal Justice II
Level 3: Criminal Justice III

Automotive, Construction, and Advanced Manufacturing

Program of Study            
Structural System    
Level 1: Fundamentals of Construction
Level 2: Carpentry I    
Level 3: Carpentry II

Program of Study                
Automotive Collision Repair    
Level 1: Introduction To Collision Repair    
Level 2: Collision Repair I
Level 3: Collision Repair II
Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair    
Level 1: Maintenance & Light Repair I    
Level 2: Maintenance & Light Repair II     
Level 3: Maintenance & Light Repair III     
Level 4: Maintenance & Light Repair IV

Advanced Manufacturing 
Program of Study            
Advanced Manufacturing
Level 1: Principles of Manufacturing I    
Level 2: Advanced Manufacturing
Level 3: Advanced Manufacturing 

CADD, Culinary, and Creative Arts

Program of Study            
Architectural  Design    
Level 1: Computer-Aided Drafting & Design I    
Level 2: Computer-Aided Drafting & Design II    
Level 3: Computer-Aided Drafting & Design III

Hospitality & Tourism 
Program of Study                
Culinary Arts    
Level 1: Culinary I    
Level 2: Culinary II    
Level 3: Culinary III    
Level 4: Culinary IV

Creative Arts 
Program of Study            
Creative Arts    
Level 1: History of Modern Music
Level 2: Drawing/ Photography or Guitar/ Piano
Level 3: Vocal Music or Instrumental Music or Art II/III or Theater Arts

Biological Sciences

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources 
Program of Study                
Horticulture Science
Level 1: Agriscience    
Level 2: Principles of Plant Science & Hydroculture    
Level 3: Greenhouse Management 
Level 4: Landscaping & Turf Science

Veterinary & Animal Science    
Level 1: Agriscience    
Level 2: Small Animal Science    
Level 3: Large Animal Science    
Level 4: Veterinary Science

Health Science 
Program of Study                
Nursing Services     
Level 1: Health Science Education
Level 2: Medial Therapeutics    
Level 3: Anatomy & Physiology
Level 4: Nursing Education or CNA