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Dual Enrollment Home

Dual Enrollment Home

Dual Enrollment courses are offered to juniors and seniors at WCHS through Motlow State Community College. These courses count as high school credits as well as college credits. Courses are offered on both the WCHS campus as well as the Motlow McMinnville campus. Dual Enrollment courses are a wonderful opportunity for students to experience college level course work while still in high school and to get a head start on earning college credits. The specific costs and course offerings are listed below:

Dual Enrollment Opportunities

-Must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and an ACT composite score of 19 (If enrolling in English or Math courses must  also have a subject area score of 19)

-The current Dual Enrollment Grant of $300 will cover most of the cost of one course. This grant is offered through  the state lottery and is subject to change. At present, student cost will be approximately $105 plus books. Students  must maintain a “B” average in order to keep the grant for the next semester. Students must complete a dual  enrollment grant application each semester that they are enrolled in order to receive funding. The application is  available on line atwww.TN.gov/collegepays click money for college and then the dual enrollment grant link.

-Applications are available on line at www.mscc.edu/dualjoint/index.html. or in the 12th grade guidance office.  Forms must be printed and submitted to the 11th or 12th grade counselor for necessary signatures. There is a one  time application fee of $25 payable to Motlow.

-Dual enrollment classes are offered at WCHS and on the Motlow campus (for 12th graders)

Dual Enrollment Courses 

English 1010

This course will meet the English III requirement for 11th graders and the

English IV requirement for 12th graders.

English 1020

This course will count as English IV for 11th graders and Creative Writing for 12th graders.

English 2130

This course will count as an English elective at WCHS

U.S. History 2010 and 2020

These courses will meet the U.S. History requirement for WCHS graduation.

Music Appreciation 1030

This course will meet the fine art credit required for graduation.

Introduction to Sociology 1010

This course will count as a sociology elective credit at WCHS.

Fundamentals of Speech 1010

This course will count as an elective credit at WCHS

American Government 1110

This course will meet the U.S. Government credit required for graduation.

Math 1510 and 1710 College Algebra/Pre-cal/Statistics

These courses will count as an Advanced Algebra or Pre-calculus credits.

Psychology 1030

This course will count as a psychology elective credit at WCHS.