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My name is Ben Matheney, and I am starting my third year teaching at WCHS. I coach football for the High School and wrestling for the Middle School. I have been married for one year to Kendra Matheney.
Below is the syllabus for World History:

Warren County High School


World History/Geography

Mr. Ben Matheney # 201

(931)-668-5858 Ext. 201

email: matheneyb@warrenschools.com


Course Description:


Students will study the rise of the nation state in Europe, the French Revolution, and the economic and political roots of the modern world. They will examine the origins and consequences of the Industrial Revolution, nineteenth-century political reform in Western Europe, and imperialism in Africa, Asia, and South America. The students will explain the causes and consequences of the great military and economic events of the past century, including the World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and the Russian and Chinese Revolutions. Finally, students will study the rise of nationalism and the continuing persistence of political, ethnic, and religious conflict in many parts of the world. Relevant Tennessee connections will be part of the curriculum, as well as appropriate primary source documents. Students will explore geographic influences on history, with attention given to political boundaries that developed with the evolution of nations from 1750 to the present and the subsequent human geographic issues that dominate the global community. Additionally, students will study aspects of technical geography such as GPS and GIS, and how these innovations continuously impact geopolitics in the contemporary world. 1 Credit

Course Standards: Standards used are from the State of Tennessee and can be found at: https://tn.gov/assets/entities/education/attachments/std_ss_world_history_geography.pdf

Textbook:  Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction : McDougal Littell

Grading Policy: Based on a Point Scale

Grades are based on the following scale.

Daily Classwork (Bell Ringer, exit slips, participation)...................................................25-50 Pts.

Take-homes (May include various types of assignments to be done at home).............50-75 Pts.

Projects/Folder (Collaborative work, composition book, organization/notes)................75-125 Pts.

Formative Assessments (low stakes, random, short quizzes).......................................25-50 Pts.

Summative Assessments (HIGH STAKES, rigorous, comprehensive Test)..................100 Pts.

*Point value for student work will vary per assignment per teacher.*

*Extra Credit opportunities are available at the Teacher's discretion*

93-100 = A      85-92 = B      75-84 = C   70-74 = D   70-below =F

To succeed in this class, complete ALL assignments!  All handouts and work (in progress and returned) are to be kept in student'sā€™ binders. Do not throw anything away!


Make Up Work:


At the beginning of class on the day you return, you will be expected to turn in any assignments that were collected while you were out. At the end of class, check with me to see what you missed and  pick up handouts, arrange to makeup tests, quizzes, etc. Turn in any missed assignments the next class session. This is your responsibility. Tests and Quizzes will be made up during lunch on the day the teacher assigns.    

***If the student does not contact the teacher for his/her missing work in the time permitted, the student will not receive credit for said assignment. Example: if the student misses two days, he/she will have two days to receive make up work.***

Credit Recovery is available to any student who makes less than a 70 for his/her  quarter grade.


Progress Report: These will be distributed in the middle of each Quarter or when requested.


  1. According to school policy
  2. Success is directly related to attendance.


Additional Materials:             

Students are asked to use loose leaf notebook paper, a three ring binder for their folder. black and red ink pens, highlighters, sharper, tissues and dry erase markers.