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Reading Intervention Syllabus

Instructor: Mr. Shannon Priestley / email priestleys@warrenschools.com

Course Description: This class has been assigned to students who have shown to be struggling readers and who are reading way below grade level. Reading intervention will apply tested and proven skills that will improve reading for those who participate. Students will work through three different stations each period. Each station will assess reading and engage the students in a variety of ways.

Supplies: Paper, pencils, ½ in binder, tabbed dividers, zipper pocket that locks into the binder (to hold extra pencils, earbuds, etc.). (1/2 in binder: Do not buy a binder larger than ½ inch. It must have a place on front and end that will hold a piece of paper for your name on the outside. Leave this in class every day in the designated place for your class.)

Headphones/Earbuds: (Read180 Students: Headphones will be provided.) Lexia Students: Buy an inexpensive pair ($3-$5) of earbuds headphones to leave in class in your binder each day for software. Those who forget or lose their earbuds can borrow headphones off other students on rare occasions, but sharing headphones cannot be a pattern. Students must log time on software and headphones are necessary.

Grading: Grades will be based purely on effort from three different areas/stations: Independent Reading, Small Group (one-on-one instruction), and software. Grades will reflect the effort throughout the entire nine weeks.

How Effort Is Measured: Effort will be measured based on how focused a student stays on the assigned tasks, how much concentration he or she is putting forth on the assignment, and simply if he or she is staying on task and doing his or her best. Those who choose to only look like they are working will see their average drop in the station he or she is in. Those who are slow to start, stop in the middle, or who stop early will see a decrease in their effort grade. If a student does not know the answer to a question, he or she is expected to read and reread and put forth their best answers based on having read the text multiple times if necessary. Reading the text once and guessing on answers, will cause a decrease in your grade. Excuses as to why you cannot do your work will affect your grade. Those who do their best each day in each station will have great scores on report card.

Passing/Graduating from the class: Students can pass this class yet have to remain in intervention next year if they do not advance their reading skills enough to be released from the program.

Checking Grades: Students and parents should track grades online throughout the nine weeks.

Lunch Intervention: This time is for additional help and will occur at a designated time each week. Students are expected to come to intervention on their own if additional help is needed, if work has been missed, and show up if lunch intervention has been assigned. Anyone who is absent of falls behind on his or her work should come in at lunch, during intervention, without being told as addressed in the student handbook.

Homework: There will not be any homework assigned. If a students are absent, they must ask for missed work the day they return, or schedule a time to make up software, etc.