Warren County High School

“Well Educated + Career Driven + High Expectations = Successful Citizens ”


Warren County High School Coaching Staff

(Pioneers and Lady Pioneers)

Below you will find a list of our coaches and their emails for your reference.

Fall Coaching Contacts:

Sport Coach's Name Email
Cheer-Competition/Football Stacey Elam elams@warrenschools.com
Cross Country (B & G) Anne Hunter-Myers myersa1@warrenschools.com
Dance-Pioneerettes Penny Shockley shockleyp@warrenschools.com
Football Matt Turner turnerm@warrenschools.com
Golf (B & G) J.W. Holt holtjw@warrenschools.com
Women's Soccer Todd Willmore willmoret@warrenschools.com
Volleyball Kelly Clayborne claybornek@warrenschools.com
Sports Medicine Tim McIntosh mcintosht@warrenschools.com


Winter Coaching Contacts:

Sport Coach's Name Email
Women's Basketball Anthony Lippe lippea@warrenschools.com
Men's Basketball Chris Sullens sullensc@warrenschools.com
Bowling (B & G) Nick Cantrell cantrelln@warrenschools.com
Cheerleading-Basketball Whitney Dyer dyerw@warrenschools.com
Wrestling (B & G) Matt Turner turnerm@warrenschools.com


Spring Coaching Contacts:

Sport Coach's Name Email
Baseball Phillip King kingp@warrenschools.com
Men's Soccer Matt Jackson jacksonm@warrenschools.com
Softball Jerry Martin martinj2@warrenschools.com
Tennis (B & G)    
Track & Field (B & G) Patty Kelly kellyp@warrenschools.com



Sport Coach's Name Email
Archery (B & G)    
Women's Rugby George Smartt smarttg@warrenschools.com
Men's Rugby Johnathan Smith smithj2@warrenschools.com